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A small but valued client list.

bowmast clients

When you need to make an impact to a large team, it pays to bring a spade:

“We were looking for quality of insight and the story simply told. Nick delivered both in spades with an impressive ethnographic study. 
Working with Nick on this project was a delight, and the output impeccable. Nick’s infographic alone is a masterpiece.
It perfectly framed the videos and workshops with over 100 directors and senior managers.
In my view this is as good as user experience research gets”

Troy Stanton. Insights Manager, SKY Television.
Insights from my research have been trusted by dozens of companies over the years, and my work usually comes to me by referral.

I work directly with product, marketing, brand, innovation and design managers and often include them or their team-members in research activities, to build their skills in-house.

I work with a small number of clients each year, enjoying the continuity of building on insights from previous projects.

Working with Nick:

Clients and colleagues tell me I’m good to work with, but I’m usually having too much fun to realise:


“Working with Nick was like riffing with a good mate in a garage band, lots of fun! Nick has a playful attitude to hard work and ultimately that translates into better results” 

Dave Cook
Founder, whatpeoplewant.com

“Beyond his ability to convert chaos and confusion into organised clarity, Working with Nick was a really enjoyable experience”

Ofer Deshe
Design strategist



“I really appreciate the way you move between being ‘part of the team’ to being objective and getting so much good stuff out of the respondents”

Alex Winter
Product manager, SKY Television.

“Usually with someone of Nick’s calibre, you get the mandatory prima donna attitude; Not so with Nick, he was always positive, helpful, insightful and has a great sense of humour”

Simon Johnson
Research manager



I’ve worked with projects across a broad range of industries ranging from physical and digital products to services and built environments.


Sectors I’ve worked in:

Building products
Consumer electronics
Digital everything
Fashion retail
Food & Beverage
Online groceries
Mobile devices
Medical devices
Public sector services
Retail interiors
Skin health
Sport / fitness
Social services
Timber products
Video on Demand



Agencies I’ve worked with:

Aim Proximity
Better by Design (NZTE)
Bellavia Research
Colenso BBDO
Flow Interactive (Now Foolproof)
London User Research Centre
Massive Interactive
Meld Studios
Previously Unavailable
We-are London
What People Want
Spotless Interactive