User Experience & Design Research

Mr. Tappy. A kit for filming interaction on mobile devices.

We needed a great way to observe and learn from customers interacting with mobile devices, so we created a little man who does the job, and looks the part.

Mr. Tappy works with smartphones, tablets, e-book readers, medical devices, payment terminals, handheld gaming consoles … Touch screens and physical buttons.

Here's a video of him in action:



Why did Bowmast launch this product?

Over the years we tried many different setups, building custom rigs for projects, friends and colleagues at leading usability labs and user research companies in the US and Europe.

We started with simple and cheap prototypes from bent plastic, sharing what we learned with people who wanted to build their own.

Somehow hacked up plastic and gaffer tape didn't fit with the shiny gadgets involved, so we started making these kits in small batches here in New Zealand, and ship them to folks like us in the rest of the world.

Visit the Mr. Tappy website to find out more.